By sharing stories behind the products on the shelf, specialty grocers adding even more value to shoppers

Posted on May 19, 2014

Specialty Food Magazine is a must-read for those of us in the specialty food industry in the USA; each year I look forward to their in-depth State of the Industry Report. The new report in the Spring 2014 issue sites some of specialty food retailers’ biggest challenges. I found it interesting that one of those challenges is teaching shoppers and employees the stories behind the foods they stock on the shelves.

Given that more and more consumers want to have a closer relationship with their food, buy viagra sales it is no surprise that retailers are now realizing the importance of communicating more about the products they curate and stock.

With Hewar’s clients, I’ve had the opportunity to work on several cases of success when retailers bring to life the stories of the brands they stock, whether that be through a blog post such as this one by Fairway Market about OBE Organic, or in-store signage, such as this piece featuring Saffron Road at Whole Foods Market. We’ve seen campaigns of this nature not only peak shoppers’ interest, but contribute to significant increase in sales, a win-win for both the retailer and brands.

Shoppers have shared with us that one of the reasons they keep coming back to specialty food stores is because they rely on those shops to introduce them to unique brands and products that fit into their lifestyles. We also know that consumers want to know where their food comes from, who made it and how it’s produced. This presents an opportunity for specialty retailers to add value to their shoppers by communicating the many unique stories behind the brands that they carry – deepening shoppers’ attention, trust and loyalty.

How is your store educating its shoppers about specific categories, such as olive oil, or sharing stories behind the brands that you stock? Now is the time to start communicating suppliers’ stories through PR efforts, if you’re not already doing so.


— Lisa Mabe is founder and principal of Hewar Social Communications and a recognized expert in social communications, multicultural marketing and the specialty foods field.

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