Our experience encompasses an array of categories, cialis sale medical consumers and industries. The practice areas below are sweet spots of ours.

Specialty, online Niche & Organic Food

We have an intimate knowledge of the specialty, cure niche and organic foods categories, and know what it takes to get consumers buzzing about your brand. We have a passion for working with brands that address unmet consumer needs of today’s market – from innovative convenience foods and authentic world cuisine, to products that address special diets and trends like gluten free and healthy snacking. We leverage our relationships with top-tier food consumer and trade media, as well as bloggers and influential organizations to ensure your brand gets the exposure and engagement that it needs to be a success.

Marketing to Women

We know that women make or influence nearly 80% of all purchase decisions and 93% of consumer food purchases. It is critical to win them over, because if you can win with women, you will also win with men and the family members they buy for. Based on the premise that women are not just looking for transactions, but relationships with brands, Hewar will look forward to helping your brand better understand more about how women relate to and engage with your brand online.

Understanding the Digital Path to Purchase

We know that people who engage with brands via social media demonstrate a deeper emotional commitment to those brands, and they spend around 20% to 40% more than other customers. Hewar takes an anthropological approach in identifying where consumers are having conversations online – from foodie and cooking blogs and social networks to comment sections on online articles.

Marketing to Muslims

Muslim consumers represent a very underserved market and one that offers brands and retailers a “new” market to tap into. Halal food globally represents a $632 billion USD. Reaching this underserved segment of consumers can be critical to gaining new ground in sales revenue and establishing a long-term relationship with a new group of loyalty-inclined consumers. Hewar understands the growing Muslim market; in fact we’re pioneers in the field of marketing to Muslims. Leverage our cross-cultural expertise to uncover how Muslim consumers think, behave, and buy, as well as identify the media touch-points to create and maintain long lasting relationships with this community.