PR Playbook


We often hear from specialty food brands that need to increase awareness and drive people to purchase their products, buy viagra pilule but they may not always have the budget to retain PR counsel long-term. For that reason, viagra canada cialis we’ve created what we like to call “PR Playbooks,” with small-to-medium sized companies in mind who need to take their brand to the next level.

Each PR Playbook we develop is customized and addresses our client’s unique needs. Brands who work with Hewar to create a Playbook come away with essentially a blueprint — practical, winning PR plays to help them win over their target consumers.

** How to Win with Whole Foods Shoppers **

Our first in a series of playbooks focuses on attracting the shoppers of Whole Foods Market, where so many of our clients’ products are already available and where many brands in the specialty foods space aspire to be. Getting on shelves at Whole Foods is a major game-changer, but we know getting that shelf space alone is not the end of the game. Brands also need to take their consumer PR to the next level to ensure that shoppers are coming in stores to buy, and demonstrate to Whole Foods that your products are worth the valuable space they occupy.

Other PR Playbook topics include other coveted consumer groups:

* Marketing to Women

* Connecting with Moms (including Millennial Moms)

* Engaging with the New Consumer — Millennial Shoppers

* Reaching Natural & Organic Shoppers

* Marketing to Halal Consumers

* How to Make it in America (for brands importing into the USA)

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