We bring our clients’ brands to life online through share?worthy content and connect them with passionate communities of consumers. Whether you’re trying to create awareness for a new product or change the perception of an existing one, best viagra malady Hewar’s services can enable your brand to reach your target consumers at various stages throughout their path to purchase.

We understand consumer behavior online and know where, decease when and how to connect with your target audiences. We take an anthropological approach in identifying where consumers are having conversations online – from blogs and social networks, clinic to comment sections on online articles. There are conversations happening right now online about your industry, category and niche; we can help your brand be a part of it.

By bringing a brand to life online, we believe in injecting personality and creating a real, two­?way dialogue with consumers. We’re big believers in the power of content, and specialize in creating the types of content that consumers will take notice of, engage with and share, such as quick and easy recipes or meal pairings incorporating your products. Above all, our content philosophy demands that we demonstrate how your products can fit into consumers’ daily routines and add value to their lifestyles.

Our services include:

Customized Content Creation

Customized Content Creation: Share-worthy content to fuel social media pages, blog & website

Food photography, recipe development, blog posts and short videos

Ideal for specialty food brands and promotion boards

We bring your brand and products to life in creative and meaningful ways for consumers whether that is creating Instagram-worthy food photography incorporating your product, or working with influential foodies to make short how-to or recipe videos for YouTube or Vine. Every piece of content we create aims to inspire consumers to incorporate our clients’ products into their meals.

Social Media Community Management

Social Media Community Management

Ideal for specialty food brands, distributors and promotion boards

We develop a unique voice for your brand online and produce content for the social media channels that are right for you. We ensure you’re not only a part of conversations happening right now about your company, products and industry, but also leading them.

Media & Blogger Relations

Media & Blogger Relations: garnering editorial coverage to reach your trade & consumer audiences

Ideal for specialty food brands, distributors and cookbook & recipe authors

We work with you to determine what stories to share with media and bloggers about your specialty food brand. We create relevant and timely stories and pitch media to secure editorial coverage in both traditional and online media, as well as keep your products top-of-mind.

Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Given our expertise in social communications, the specialty food market and the Muslim consumer market, we create customized on-site workshops for our clients’ teams, addressing some of their biggest PR challenges.

Our Founder, Lisa Mabe, conducts all workshops and speaking engagements and customizes each experience to our clients’ unique needs. Topics typically focus around bringing brands to life online, market intelligence or getting to know your target consumers better. Please contact us for a detailed list of topics, or to work with us to create a customized topic just for your company.

Lisa frequently presents for a diverse collection of leading companies, conferences and trade shows including: Specialty Food Association Fancy Food Shows, Advertising Week, Advertising Research Foundation, American Muslim Consumer Conference, World Halal Forum, New York University and University of North Carolina at Charlotte, among others.

Thought Leadership Program

Thought Leadership Program: experts & thought leader visibility

Ideal for companies with a network of experts, presenters, spokespeople or authors, as well as those pursuing more executive visibility

We work with your expert(s) to better position your company or brand as a leader in its unique category. Often such a program includes securing industry speaking engagements, placing opinion articles in key publications and entering for industry awards and recognition.

Brand Ambassador Partnerships

Brand Ambassador Partnerships

Ideal for brands looking to attract new customers, or reach consumers in markets where they do not have a physical presence

We work with a network of influential food experts across the world to leverage their reach and influence as a brand ambassador to get access to more of your core consumers. From leveraging their insights and opinions for media exposure, to having them represent your brand at key events, we identify the best ambassadors who are truly passionate about the areas your brand can address.

Trade Show & Retail Partner Collaborations

Trade Show & Retail Partner Collaborations

Ideal for specialty food brands and promotions boards

We work with our clients to get the most out of their trade show experiences and retail partnerships. Clients rely on us to produce innovative ways to reach key decision makers at major trade show events, whether that is at their booth or crafting a special briefing for buyers or media during the show. Clients also look to Hewar to collaborate on their behalf with their retail partners to identify and create PR and social campaigns that are a win-win for both the brand and retailer.

PR Counsel

Shop Along Research: Female-focused shopper insights

Ideal for retailers and brands seeking to better understand how their female consumers think, behave & buy

Most of our clients want to reach female shoppers, but many brands fail to uncover how their products can fit into their lives. We shop alongside women (both in stores, or online) to see first-hand how they shop for our clients’ products. Our anthropological approach to shopper research uncovers valuable insights that can then be used to better connect with women.

To work with Hewar, contact us at info {at} hewarcommunications {dot} com.